What we can do for you

We offer full scope of communication for people, companies and institutions.

For nearly three decades we implement our public relations and marketing knowledge to build image awareness, brand recognisability, personal branding of Clients, brands and products – for global and domestic brands and companies.

Our efficiency is deriven from out know-how, great experience, creativity and a wide net of professional contacts.


Strategic consulting

We develop messages about companies, products and projects after in-depth studies of the market and its environment. Our advice helps maximize effects and minimize the costs of strategic communication, as well as to facilitate business growth. SIGMA successfully creates friendly goodwill relationship between the company and the market.

Integrated communications

We communicate without telling, we describe without imposing and produce comprehensible, straight messages. Thus our customer is seen and perceived as trustworthy, dependable friend. Being reporters friendly we get to the media and to the people. All channels are skillfully used to provide most effective impact. From planning to research, digital media to traditional public relations, SIGMA is able to create integrated marketing campaign which drives value.

Corporate communication

Carefully crafted communication builds the positive image of companies. We manage companies’ reputation: from initial audit, through preparing communication strategy, to its efficient and successful implementation, helping navigate the complex landscape of business. We maintain relations with media, opinion leaders, experts, as well as local, business and political communities. We prepare key information, descriptions, slogans, catchphrases, corporate identity and position executives as thought leaders.

Product communication

We introduce new products to the market and support the existing ones through sophisticated communication. We prepare the strategy, and choose effective tools and communication channels with budget optimization in mind. We promote products by highlighting the advantages which capture the attention of today’s clients.

Brand communication

For brands visibility is key, name recognition is everything, and brand awareness is the driver of consumer sales. We create PR and marketing, laser shaped programs that constantly strengthen the brand’s position against the competition.

Personal PR

We position executives as opinion leaders and experts, ensuring their recognizability, presence in the media and at selected events, as well as maintaining good relations with target groups. We position them as opinion leaders and experts in a given field, and prepare them for representing their company in public efficiently and professionally. We show them how to formulate thoughts and opinions to win battles with words.

New media communication

We conduct end-to-end communication for our clients in the Internet. It is a complex, but very rewarding and effective communication tool. Our messages reach social media users, bloggers and their readers, Internet forums, and ordinary Internet users. We build communities, engage, listen, respond and immediately react to any unexpected crises. In social media, we create unique and memorable content attracting many fans. We closely follow the trends, impact techniques and the needs of Internet users.

Public Affairs

A correctly managed Public Affairs sphere is of key importance for building the company’s image and its emotional reception by direct and indirect environment.
SIGMA advises companies how to build and maintain good relations with the public sphere. We monitor legislative processes, strengthen relations with authorities, analyze and create relations with the company’s environment and make sure that they are effectively maintained.

Internal communication

SEfficient information flow inside the company is one of the foundations of its activities. It significantly impacts employee satisfaction, loyalty, and relations with the management.
In order to support our clients in preparing and implementing an internal communication strategy, we analyze and create messages, choose proper tools and channels and determine its frequency. Internal communication is one of the key builders of the company’s success.

Crisis communication

In crisis situations, we act both immediately and accurately. Our overreaching goal is mitigating the harmful effects of negative information, minimizing its presence in the public sphere and making a seamless transition to rebuilding the positive image. We have successfully seen our clients through over 100 complex crisis cases.

Employer branding

We know that attracting and retaining skilled, ambitious and experienced employees is a huge challenge. We have been supporting companies in building employer brand and hiring the best talents for many years. WE have prepared messages related to hiring, team motivation, benefit systems, company culture, managing diversity and HR changes.


We develop Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility strategies. We create, initiate and conduct social and educational campaigns as well as events under employee volunteer programs. We recommend forms of supporting and cooperating with NGOs and promote the related activities.

Social and educational campaigns

We develop campaign strategies and scenarios and choose tools, target groups and channels, as well as campaign partners. We take care of their end-to-end implementation, and are able to obtain the acceptance of the environment for campaign goals, concepts and their organizers.

Event management

Generating awareness of special events is one of SIGMA’s core abilities. From creative concepts and planning to production and execution, always making sure everything runs smoothly. Working with the best professionals SIGMA has experience in coordinating any and all operational aspects of special events. We take care of entire logistics, find patrons, invite opinion leaders and celebrities, and generate media presence. Nothing helps people understand a brand or a product like an exceptional event that brings products and services to life.

Media and public appearances trainings

Whether you want to promote or defend your company, knowing how to handle an interview is a key skill. We teach our clients how to effectively speak in front of camera, maintain relations with the media, effectively present themselves and control their emotions when speaking in public. Theory and practice of modern self-presentation, communication and creating the image of persons and organizations is what the participants acquire. Tailored courses are conducted by experienced coaches (former journalists) particularly skilled in conducting such sessions. The training is divided into two parts – theoretical, during which participants learn about key elements of public speaking, and practical, involving practice in front of camera in a mock TV studio.