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3 January 2018
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Plants in the office and business success
# Creative Green in the Creativity Center in Warsaw

It is no secret that healthy and satisfied employees have positive impact on the company business. Interesting projects, friendly, harmonious team and good work conditions is not enough. Extremely important, and often unappreciated is the interior office design and the presence of pot plants in it. Surprising?

Creative entrepreneurs are increasingly aware of the positive effects of plants. This was the meaning and goal of the project # Creative Green at the Targowa Center for Creativity, sponsored by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Its aim is to promote the positive impact of plants on humans and to encourage people to have green plants in the offices and workplaces. The workshop space in the Center for Creativity was filled with green plants, creating a healthy space which can be used by tenants (mostly start-ups) and people using the Creativity Center, participants of numerous workshops and conferences.

As you can see, plants and creativity go hand in hand. The #CreativeGreen project is designed to encourage the use of pot plants in office and work spaces because of its undeniable benefits. The coming autumn and winter is good time to think and create a healthy work space.

Project implemented by SIGMA Agency on behalf of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.