IPRA Awards

IPRA, the International Public Relations Association, was established in 1955, and is the leading global network for PR professionals in their personal capacity. IPRA is the organiser of public relations’ annual global competition, the Golden World Awards for Excellence (GWA).

IPRA Certificate of Excellence, Sound Sleep Academy, 2003

IPRA Certificate of Excellence, Polscreen, 2003

IPRA Certificate of Excellence, Privatization of PKO BP, 2005

IPRA Certificate of Recognition, Campaign to promote flowers, 2002

IPRA Certificate of Recognition, Sound Sleep Academy, 2003

IPRA Certificate of Recognition, Get your heart back on its feet, 2002

IPRA Golden World Award for Excellence – Winner 2005

SABRE Awards

The SABRE Awards are the world’s largest PR awards programme, recognising superior achievement in branding and reputation in North America, EMEA, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, South Asia and Africa. The awards are delivered by The Holmes Report, the authoritative voice of the global public relations industry.

SABRE stands for Superior Achievement in Branding, Reputation & Engagement.

SABRE, Privatization of PKO BP, 2004

SABRE, Aqaba Special Economic Zone, 2006

SABRE Awards 2004, Communication Activities supporting the privatization of PKO BP

Golden Clips (Złote Spinacze)

The Złote Spinacze Awards are an open competition addressed to all organizations implementing PR campaigns in Poland: PR agencies, corporate and institutional PR departments, local governments and non-governmental organizations. Organizator: the Polish Public Relations Consultancies Association, established in 2001.

Nominacja, Złote Spinacze dla Projektu Promocji Kwiatów, 2003

Nominacja, Złote Spinacze, Otwarcie Centrum Produkcyjnego Gilette w Łodzi, 2006

Złoty Spinacz 2003, Kategoria: Komunikacja kryzysowa, Wizyta “Ciutki Ju” w Polsce

Złoty Spinacz 2003, Kategoria: Kampanie Edukacyjne, Projekt: Śpij dobrze

Złoty Spinacz 2006, Kategoria: PR Produktu, Meteowrażliwi – ogólnopolski program edukacyjny

Złoty Spinacz 2005, Kategoria: PR Korporacyjny, Projekt: Kompania Inicjatyw

Złoty Spinacz 2005, Kategoria: PR Produktu, Projekt: Dog in the fog


WBJ Book of Lists Awards

Golden World Award for excellence in Public Relations, 2003

Nagrody SIGMA International (Poland)